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Out of passion for interior design and exquisite taste Anevim interior set out to become a world leader in delivering the very best in home design.
Founded in 2005, the company established relations with the world's best design houses. 
Thanks to vast experience in the field of high end design, Anevim Interior can supply bespoke, custom made items crafted from only the finest materials and by the very best craftsmen and artists Italy has to offer.

We carry complete luxury home collections including furniture, kitchens, bathrooms etc', every product we deliver is forged by high devotion and passion of Italian artists that hand finish each and every piece to flawless perfection.
At Anevim Interior  you will be introduced to a world class service that covers home styling, interior design and installation service.

Our strength lies in understanding the needs and passion of every client and with them start to design and produce the items of their dreams.

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